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The Most Complete Farm Management Software

Software de gestion Agropecuaria y Agricola: La solucion integral para el campo

The most Complete Farm Management Software

Your farm, more agile.

Software de gestion Agropecuaria y Agricola: Gratis e Integral para el campo

Complete Management Solution

For Farmers

Software de gestion Agropecuaria y Agricola: Tomar el control de su hacienda

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Farm Management Software


Plan and manage your online agricultural production, keeping the traceability of your costs and inputs. Organize your campaign in order to obtain higher returns.

Field Map

Draw your fields and visualize them in a signe place. Organize yourself knowing the climate, the production state of your fields, and your best performing crops.

Tasks and Costs

Manage your tasks within your calendar and always know what’s happening in your fields. Your stock movements are automatically generated when finishing your tasks.

Simple and Fast

You don’t need hard training to use Sismagro, farm management software online. Sign up and start now to manage your fields! If you need any help, we will happy to advise you.

Integrated y Centralized

Your production’s information is centralized in one single place. You can access your data from anywhere and save time in your administrative tasks.

Yield efficiency and Gross Margins

Make the planning of your crops and obtain your gross margins. You can play with different variables such as the yield efficiency, the cost of your inputs, etc…in order to estimate your profits. At the end of the production just observe which crop or yield was most effective.

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Why do you need a farm management software?

We know that the words “management”, “administration” and “planning” are boring and complicated tasks in the agricultural world, nevertheless are necessary actions in order to achieve higher production margins.
The main objective of our farm management software is that everything results simple and fast, so that you don’t have to lose time in training and can actually obtain in just a few minutes a simulation of your campaign, crop’s yields per field, gross margins by field and thus always know what to do.

Free updates.

Why should I try Sismagro?


Try at no cost. You have 30 days from the time you exceed the limitations of the Freemium to make sure Sismagro will be useful to you. No credit cards required, ever.

Sismagro’s Freemium is a free version of our farming management software,which will always be available to you.

No training, no installation! Our online management software is very easy to use and you can try it today. No requirements, at all.

You can log in from any device and get access to your field data. Use your computer, tablet or mobile phone to record, manage, and analyze what is happening in your field.

All of your information agricultural is completely private, confidential and is secured in one place.

We listen to your suggestions. You help us create a better software for you and the farming community. Together, let’s provide an improved agricultural management.

Start feeling the control of your agribusiness with our farming management software:

Get started for free

It is very easy to create an account with Sismagro. You must enter your company’s name (in case that you don’t have one, fill the field with the name you want), then a user name and an e-mail. The software will send you an email with the activation link for your account. Login and use the software online for free and start managing your farm. Although our farm management software is very easy to use, you can get familiarized with it by watching our tutorials.

First data entry

To be able to obtain the maximum potential of your farm you should manage and centralize all your information in one place. The first step is to enter the initial data of your farm and fields into the system. Map your fields. Enter the tools, machines and inputs that you use (seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals). Keep the contacts your company (suppliers, customers, employees) and obtain a complete administrative vision of your different crops.

Control of your farm

Once the information recollected, the software will help you to plan, control and manage your campaign. In just a few steps your plan is generated for each field, and you can choose which crops you’ll cultivate. Inside your planning or your production dashboard you’ll have the calendar of your tasks. In each task you can specify which inputs will be consumed, the people and machinery that will be affected. Thanks to the tracking of your spending, you’ll get your farm gross margin and will be able to compare your various crops and always make the best decisions.

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