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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I download the software? How do I use it?
    The software works online. You do not have to dowload it. To start using Sismagro, you only have to register and login using one of the buttons of the site such as this one:

    SIGN UP!

  • Is there a free trial?
    After signing up for the Freemium, if you want to exceed the total field size allowed, Sismagro will automatically activate you an unlimited account for 30 days.
  • How much does Sismagro cost? Is there a free version?
    With just signing up to Sismagro, you can use the Freemium version of Sismagro for an unlimited period of time. The freemium version is limited to a single user, one farm, 10 fields and a quantity of area depending on the activity.If you actually need more, you can purchase your upgrade from US$19 per month. Look at our plans here.
  • Is there any commiment period? Can I cancel my plan?
    There is no commitment. You can pause or stop your subscription anytime. Furthermore you can download your data to keep it. You just pay for what you need.  If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it by going to your Paypal profile and clicking on My payements with prior approval in the financial information column.
  • Is my data private and secured?
    Yes. We will never disclose your information without your prior consent. We explicitly clarify it within our terms and conditions of use at the point: "5.4 The provider declares that it does not manipulate, combine, enter, review, copy, transfer or release information from the customer in the application Sismagro for the use of the service"
  • Why do you need my email for signing up?
    After signing up, for security reasons we'll send you an email to confirm your account.   You will later receive tips to completely discover the software, and taking advantage of all its capacity.
  • I have not received the confirmation's email, what should I do?
    If you have not received the e-mail, first check the "Spam" section of your email account. If it's not there, contact us at and we will fix it for you.