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You can choose between monthly or annual plans. We want to help you achieve the growth of your company and therefor, we give you the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your account whenever you need to.

Privacy and Security

Your information is private, confidential and protected inside our secured servers. Nobody without your consent will be able to access it.

Free Updates

Our updates are entirely free. After signing up, you will be part of a large community of farmers and agriculture professionals. Day after day, with their suggestions we continuously improve the software so that you can enjoy the best farming management tool.

¿What's a user?

A user represents a physical person having access to the system. Users can have different profiles of access (Administrator, Manager or partner).

¿What's a field?

A Field, also called parcel or pasture is a section or fisical division of your farm. You may have one or more. In a few clicks you can draw them on the map.

¿What's a Farm?

A Farm, also called company, is the entity of your agricultural business. Within the farm, you add your fields, and the ressources that you use.

¿What's the Superficie?

The surface is the sum of the areas occupied by your fields. Sismagro automatically calculates the area and perimeter of your field, but you can modify them.

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