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Discover Sismagro’s features

Satellite mapping in the cloud with Sismagro, the farm management software 

Satellite Mapping

With the satellite's maps, you can keep the drawing of your fields and obtain your total superficie. With just a few clicks, and without training neeeded, you can start controlling everything you got in your farm. 

Tracking your crops with Sismagro, Farm Management Software in the cloud

Crop's production tracking

Thanks to your fields mapping and your crops, you can control your production, keeping track of all your costs and inputs.  Within the calendar, you can control your tasks, and always understand what's going on in your fields. 

Calculation of your Gross Profit Margin and visualization of your crops performance with Sismagro, Farm management software in the cloud for farmers. 

Gross Profit Margin calculation and visualization of crop's performance. 

Did you know which field best performed last year? Was it your Wheat, your Corn or your Soybeans? Easily compare your different yields and get the best out of your farm.  Increase your overall profit calculating in just a few clicks you gross profit margin.

Planning the crop's production with Sismagro, Farm Management Software in the cloud for farmers. 

Planning the Crop's production. 

Plan your tasks and control your costs within the calendar for you whole campaign. Prepare yourseld by anticipating your costs and profits for each field before the beginning of the production.   Choose the best plan for your production and start producing. 

Stock Controlling with Sismagro, Farm Management software in the cloud for farmers. 

Stock controlling

Easily import the inputs you use in you farm and machinery thanks to our database to start controlling your stock. Always know how much you got in stock, its origin and its place. 

Contact's management (Employees, Providers and Clients) with Sismagro, Farm Management software online for farmers.

Contacts Management

Keep record of your employees, clients and providers information in order to improve your relationships and your business.  We give you security and ease of access to your information.


After registering your tasks performed and their costs, you'll be able to observe the deviation of what realy happened with your planification and therefor take better decisions. 

Control and Sustainability

Keep the soil analysis of your fields and perform crop rotation to take care of your farm's soil.   In the same way, you can have keep track of the rainfall per farm and per field.


Keep the metrics you care about in a dashboard.  You'll never lose again sight of what's happening in your fields and with your production. 

Discover Sismagro's features by yourself.  No strings attached. 

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